4 Excellent Books on Emmy Noether

Many prominent physicists describe Emmy Noether as a woman of great importance in the history of physics and mathematics. Born Amalie Emmy Noether, she was a German mathematician. Noether was famous for the landmark contributions that she made to theoretical physics and abstract algebra.

She came up with many theories, but it’s the Noether’s theorem that became a key to her fame. If you wish to find out more about this great mathematician, here are some of the books we recommend:

1. Proving It Her Way: Emmy Noether, a Life in Mathematics

This book focuses on the important figures in Emmy Noether’s life. It also shows how she promoted many other talented individuals selflessly, thus building their careers. Proving It Her Way aims to convey this remarkable mathematician’s personality and her impact on modern mathematics. You’ll be surprised to know that this was despite the fact that she never had a regular professorship.

This book is for a general audience and is more of a study. It tries to uncover the human dimensions of the key relationships that Noether had with mathematicians of the younger generation. It also presents a fresh perspective on Noether’s extraordinary career.

2. Emmy Noether: The Most Important Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of

This is a picture book on Emmy Noether and presents an engaging account of this renowned female mathematician. It tells the reader that she had defied all social expectations. She was neither quiet nor good at doing the household chores. Instead, she was exceptionally brilliant at math. She first studied math at a university and then went on to teach it to others.

Emmy Noether also had solutions to the most pressing problems in physics and mathematics at the time. You feel sad upon learning that she didn’t get much credit for this during her lifetime. Today, the discoveries that she came up with influence many across the world.

3. Emmy Noether: The Mother of Modern Algebra

Teenage girls would find this book quite fascinating. The book will certainly appeal to them, as it tells the tale of a young woman who finds fame and happiness. Interestingly, she doesn’t find them in a Prince Charming but in her mathematical theories. This book is a wonderful biography of Emmy Noether.

It tells her story in an engaging way with a certain level of literary creativity. You’ll be able to enjoy the supposed dialogue that it generates. In this book, Emmy Noether is presented as a woman of substance. She was someone who never really came under the influence of the trappings of pomp and style.

4. Emmy Noether’s Wonderful Theorem

Upon reading this book, you’ll get a more updated expanation of the first theorem of Emmy Noether. The discussion has been expanded in this book into a presentation, which is more detailed. It also explains her second theorem’s proof, motivation, and application. This includes Emmy Noether’s concerns about general relativity. The new edition has come with several other refinements.

Among them is an extended biography of Noether’s life and work. The refinements also include parallels that have been drawn between her original paper and the present approach. You’ll also find a summary of the logic behind her popular theorem, which is the Noether’s theorem.

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